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How to become a licensed real estate agent or broker in USA?
28 July 2023

Understanding the Real Estate Sphere

My interest in the real estate market grew not from a passion for elegant houses or from watching too many HGTV flip shows (although I have been guilty of binge-watching a few). But believe it or not, it was sparked off by a compelling real estate monopoly game during a family gathering, and well, let's say the rest is history.

My curiosity led me to dive into an engaging exploration journey, discovering the multi-layered world of real estate trading. Becoming a real estate agent might seem uphill at first glance, but in reality, it is one of the most rewarding careers. I managed to tap into the intricacies of the sector and today, I want to simplify this rewarding journey for you. Let's draw the roadmap together for your real estate career.

The Importance of Getting a License

To delve into the profession, a license is indeed a necessity – a holy grail, if you will. It’s not just about legality, though that is undeniably important, but acquiring a license lends credibility to your portfolio in a sea of competitors.

Furthermore, being licensed gives you the privilege of receiving commissions and a plethora of opportunities within the real estate sector that unlicensed individuals are not privy to. In essence, a license can be your magic carpet to financial freedom and professional satisfaction. And who doesn't fancy that!

The Many Faces of Real Estate Licensing

Before we get into the specifics, it’s important we pay some attention to the distinction between real estate agents and brokers. The two terms are often used interchangeably, leading to a concoction of confusion.

Although both require licensing, a broker's license needs a higher level of knowledge and experience. Real estate agents work under the supervision of brokers. And once you climb up the real estate career ladder, you'll find it worthwhile to pursue the broker's license – it allows you to buy, sell, and open your very own agency. How cool is that?

Undergoing Education and Passing Licensing Exam

Now, let's take our first concrete steps towards getting that shiny license. Depending upon your residing state, you will have to complete pre-licensing courses, ranging from anywhere between 40 to 180 hours. The next hurdle is clearing the licensing exam.

The exam isn't atrociously difficult, but it does require a sound understanding of the laws regarding buying, selling, and property management. But don’t fret - there are ample of study materials and exam prep books available online to help you out. Crack open a book and soak up the knowledge, friend. Personally, the day I passed was much sweeter than all my birthdays combined!

Applying for the License and Joining a Real Estate Brokerage

Once you're done celebrating your victorious exam, it's time for the next step: applying for the license. Expect a fee, a bit of waiting, and background checks. But the feeling of seeing your name on that certificate is worth every penny and every second.

The next challenge is finding a brokerage firm to join, a step that might seem daunting but is quite an exciting prospect. This is where you'll start gaining valuable industry experience, making connections, and getting your feet wet in the real estate pond. Choose a brokerage firm that aligns with your philosophies and career goals. It is a decision that can shape the trajectory of your career.

Continuing your Education

In the real estate world, learning is a never-ending process. To keep your license active, you're required to continue education and renew your license every 2 to 4 years (the renewal period varies by state).

Other than license requirements, constant learning is critical in the world of real estate to stay updated with ever-changing laws, marketing tactics, and trends. Learning might seem draining, especially after all those hours you invested to get the license, but believe me, it adds feathers to your professional cap.

Becoming a Broker

Last but not least, it’s time to talk about brokerage licensing. After a few years of rich and rewarding experience as a real estate agent, you can upgrade your license to become a broker. The requirements will vary by state, but generally speaking, you would need to take a round of courses and pass a licensing exam.

The title of a broker comes with opportunities for higher income, the ability to run your own brokerage, and elevate your career to the next level. From my perspective, it's like transitioning from paddle boats to yachts; both are fun, but the latter is an upgrade that promises bigger experiences. And who doesn’t like an upgrade!

I hope my nuggets of wisdom have ignited that spark in you to foray into the enticing world of real estate. Becoming a licensed real estate agent or broker is about taking the reigns of your career in your hands, choosing your path, and opening the doors of opportunity. So, gear up for this exciting journey and start pursuing that real estate license you've been dreaming about. Cheers to new beginnings!

Kendrick Fairbanks

Kendrick Fairbanks

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